Lighting Up Lives

Shine a light on someone special or a group of people this Christmas.

Lighting up Lives is a magical event combining digital tributes and a real life display of beautiful lights up Swanage Pier.

In 2021, the inaugural year, the stunning display on the iconic Swanage Pier helped hundreds of people to fondly remember absent loved ones, and celebrate those around us. This year, Light up Lives Christmas is back – and it promises to be bigger, brighter, and better than ever.

You are invited to dedicate a light to someone special or a group of people you want to show your appreciation to. With a £10.00 sponsorship, you can dedicate a light to celebrate, commemorate, show thanks, remember loved ones or to simply wish someone a Happy Christmas.

Make your dedication today and your light will shine brightly along the railings as part of a stunning installation on Swanage Pier from Friday 3rd December – Thursday 5th January. Your tribute will feature on the online ‘Lighting Up Lives’ page, and you will receive an electronic copy of your certificate. 



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